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The book is an explanation about how to share Christ with Muslims, whether you are living overseas or know one in a college class. The book shows you that most "Western" Christians are unaware of the spiritual questions that Muslims are asking, and so we present the Gospel to them in ways that they either don't understand or immediately object to.

In the book, I try to help you understand the "questions behind the questions" and present the Gospel to Muslims in a way they can understand.

One of the points I make is that one of the most effective things you can do with a Muslim is simply study the major stories of the Bible with them. Storying through the Bible allows Muslims to be captivated by the beauty of God. As Muslims study the unfolding drama of the Bible, they are confronted by a God who amazes the mind and dazzles the heart.

My advice to those sharing Christ with Muslims is to avoid, as much as possible, objections about “the Bible having been changed,” and “belief in 3 gods is shirk,” at least at first. Just study the Bible! One of the biggest mistakes I see people sharing Christ with Muslims make is they spend a lot of time up front trying to “answer questions,” as if faith would arise in the Muslim heart from having their objections explained. Faith comes not from explanation, but from revelation of the beauty of Christ.

In the same way that seeing a vision of Jesus silences Muslim objections about Christian doctrine, seeing the beautiful God revealed in the Bible can “silence” Muslim objections about things like “the Trinity,” or “why Jesus had to die on the cross.” In light of this great, glorious God, who is in a place to tell Him what He can or cannot do?

If you study the accounts of God “revealing Himself” to people in the Bible, you will find it is often preceded by a dazzling display of God’s power or beauty: Moses and the burning bush; the nation of Israel and the mountain of fire; Isaiah and the throne of God. That's because faith comes from revelation, not explanation. God reveals Himself to us most through the unfolding story of Christ given in the Bible.

I'm obviously pretty excited about the book. If you would like a copy, you can get it here

P.S. My favorite part of the book is this... on the back cover I have 2 recommendations back to back: one from Mark Driscoll, the other from Paige Patterson. My book is a uniter.

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